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Got a room for Otakon, I'll be staying at Tremont Park Plaza and gettin there by plane thursday afternoon. I'll come visit the table that day also just to meet up with people. I dunno if I should wear anything that day still thinking about it. I'll make my own badge later with the website's name on it =P I'll be sure to take lots of people of those who are going so be ready. I wish I have a labtop about now, that way I can upload all the pics in there and still be able to take more... or I'll just go buy another one or 2 more mem cards. Seeya all there.
I figured I'll just find myself a new host and remake everything. I got pictures of the Boston Cosplay Picnic during June 28th but I posted those on under Rukawa.
Alternative option - by FTP  ( port 21 cosplay/cosplay)
All the pictures zipped are in there - if you can't use ftp then yea email me for other options...
- Michael
Sign up and enjoy some fun getting together with other cosplayers in your town. Next meeting would be July 19th interested? Just gimme an email and I'll give some info.

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