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About me

For those who are bored and wants to know about me...

Name: Michael Pham
Birthday: May 17, 1984 so yea I'm 19 now
Gender: Male of course ^^
School: Northeastern University 
Major: Computer Engineering Technology
Hobbies: Watch animes, play games, go out to get a life, late night chatting, listening to jpop, and sports I guess... designing websites when I actually have time to kill ^^
Location: Somewhere around Boston
Liked Animes (Might as well name them all, see i told ya there was a lot... ^^): DN Angel, Prince of Tennis, Kitty Grade, Fruit Basket, Chobits, His and Her Circumstances, Hikaru no Go,  Naruto, E's Otherwise, Kaikan Phrase, Sprial, Getbackers, Whistle, Slam Dunk, Wild Striker, Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto, Memories Off, Pia Carrot 2, Mouse, Sister Princess and Repure, Scrapped Princess, Witch Hunter Robin, Trigun, Tokyo Underground, Tokyo Mew Mew, Full Moon wo Sagashite, Yu Yu Hakusho, Love Hina, Revulutionary Girl Utena, UFO Princess Walkure, Saikuno (She the Ultimate Weapon), Samurai Deeper Kyo, Weiss Kreuz, Candidate for Goddess, AH! Megumi Sama, Wind a Breath of Heart, Slayers, El-Hazard, Saber Marionette, Gundam Seed, Gundam X, Gundam Wing, Rah Xephon, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Jubei-Chan, Lost Universe, Bubblegum Crisis 2040, Record of the Lodoss Wars, Yu-Gi-Oh, Trouble Chocolate, Happy Lessons, Argento Soma, Inuyasha, Mizuiro, Mahoromanic, Rurouni Kenshin, Flame of Recca, Kanon, Princess Mononoke, Boys be, Captain Tsubasa, Dirty Pair, Digi Charat, Vandread, Groove Adventure Rave, Initial D, Hunter X Hunter, One Piece, Psychic Academy, Noir, To Heart, Fushigi Yuugi, X, Tenshi na Konamaiki, Your Under Arrest, Sailor Moon, Vision of Escaflowne, Sorcerer Hunters, Tenchi Muyo, Ayashi no Ceres, Cowboy Bebop, Galaxy Angel, Gatekeepers, Hanaukyo Maids, Irresponible Captain Tyler, I My Me! Strawberry Eggs, Kimagure Orange Road, Kodomo No Omocha, Maison Ikkoku, Mirage of Blaze, Nadesico, Nuku Nuku, Onegai Teacher, Pretear, Pita-ten, Read or Die, Rizelmine, Samurai Girl Real Bout High School, Saiyuki, Scyred, Sentimental Journey Story, Crest of the Stars, Super Gal! Kotobuki Ran, Steel Angel Kurumi, Those Who Hunt Elves, Yume De Aetera, and many more I forgot........
Dislikes: Too many to name as well, and I'm tired typing it out ^^;
Useless ranting on my livejournal
Contact -
AIM: Kiryuu1 (Feel free to chat anytime, incase I'm not there you know I haven't responded)
IRC: Kyouichi @EFnet, Aniverse, Enterthegame

Year of the Rat (Souma Yuki) so yea i'm a rat ^^