Heya Nicole,
I wonder when you'll actually see this. Its funny writing this while still at your house ^^; I'm glad to be with you right now. There isn't anyone at the moment that would make me be happy as of now. I'm still sad inside that your love for me has changed. I can't think of any other way to say of how wonderful you are. I love your personality, looks, and ways of thinking, devotion, and kindness. Thereís more but I'm clueless on words. Considering I'm so deeply in love with you that it hurts when I'm not with you. I'm glad to have gotten to know you. I donít know the first time I met you, I just knew I had to be with you. I didn't care by whatever means I had to do. It was hard for me at first as you remember the first time I had the guts to ask you out. I mean considering I was trying to get over Lisa at the time. My heart only desires of you and nothing else. I finally know that no matter what I shouldn't let anything get in the way between us. Seriously how many guys would still visit his ex and enjoy a good time with her after a week of breakup? Most guys would be like hell with her. I, myself don't enjoy formal events one bit. But I care for you so much that I was willing to go. Despite how I feel I couldn't disappoint you or make you sad again. Someday I hope your feeling of our love returns again. Itís hard to not ever think about you. I always am day, night, even in dreams. I'm sorry that I messed up and ruin our relationship. I never meant for it to happen. It was really that hard to tell them... Since the day of your prom is today. Hopefully you like the gift I should have given to you by now. I suppose it depends when you read this. Your family is so kind and caring. Sometimes despite how they are I wish my parents were like them. I mean you guys always talk to each other and always know whatís going on with each other. Unlike mine was... We all keep things to ourselves. I still can't believe your dog bit me last night. As I am in distraught at the moment, after saying good night to you we didn't hug or kiss as we usually do. How do you feel about that? After this week ends I won't see you until pretty much the end of August. We planned to see each other more over the summer but will that really happen? Lisa promised that before and we only saw each other about 3 times that whole summer and she's only 5 mins away from my school. Forgetting about her, I can't say I know what I have to do nowÖ I work my butt off just to be able to see you each time, even if I have to skip lunch or save up or even pick up another job. All of that doesnít matter. As long as I got to see you and spend time with you. I'm glad you are the first girl to go out with. I could never ask for anyone better. I love you thatís pretty much all to it. Whatever you do that feeling will never go away unless you kill me. Besides that, enjoy your trip to Hawaii. Have a good summer. Hopefully your parents will let you go on a trip with me. If not this summer I know mine will probably be hell with all the work and school -_- a break with you would be great. I hope we can get back together someday, I'll be waiting for you then till the day comes my dear.

Love you eternally,

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